Brilliant Mindz Youth Hosts Mock Trial and Youth Forum in Bogalusa

Published 5:06 pm Friday, March 1, 2024

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BOGALUSA, La. – The local youth organization, Brilliant Mindz, held an engaging mock trial event at the Bogalusa City Courtroom on Thursday, showcasing the legal skills and understanding of local high school students. The event, which commenced at 3:30 P.M., featured participants from Bogalusa and Varnado High Schools in a courtroom setting, simulating a real-life legal process.

The mock trial centered around a fictional case, “Did KJ take his parents’ car to the party without permission?” which saw youth taking on roles including the defendant, state prosecutor, defense attorney, judge and jury. The trial aimed to provide a practical learning experience, offering students a unique insight into the judicial system.

Earlier in the day, Brilliant Mindz also hosted a youth forum at the Adapt Conference Room. The forum featured a roundtable discussion with notable figures such as Interim DA Collins Sims, Judge David Merlin Duke, and Acting Assistant Chief of Bogalusa Police Troy Tervalon. The discussion focused on juvenile crimes and the juvenile justice system, providing a platform for young individuals to learn, ask questions, and engage with community leaders.

The events were part of a broader initiative to educate local youth about legal processes and encourage civic engagement. Parents and teachers were encouraged to bring their students to these enlightening sessions, emphasizing the importance of understanding community issues and the justice system.

Brilliant Mindz and local educators stress the significance of such events in fostering an informed and proactive young community. These sessions not only aim to educate but also prepare the youth for future challenges, reinforcing the message that knowledge is power.

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