Meet the Candidate: William “Bill” Lewis

Published 6:30 am Thursday, October 5, 2023

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This is part of the Meet the Candidate series for the upcoming elections.

The candidate featured here is William “Bill” Lewis who is running for Parish Council District #4.

Why did you decide to run?
I’m offering myself as a candidate and council person because I’m not satisfied with the representation and services we are receiving from the parish for our Council District #4. I’m also aware of the recently passed legislation by the Biden Administration that could benefit our parish and my council district #4, which I’m uniquely qualified via education and experience to help the parish and my council district in the administration and utilization of these resources.

What is your occupation/current employer?
I’m semi-retired as the owner of an electrical and construction business for more than 25 years. I continue to have a business occupation license for the Washington Parish and retain Louisiana State Contractor licenses for electrical, building construction, telecom, EV Chargers, and Solar Systems.

What makes you the right choice?
I’m qualified educationally with a BS Degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, and an MBA Degree from St. Louis University, St. Louis MO. I have more than 40 years working as an engineer and manager with companies such as Westinghouse Electric and Southwestern Bell Telephone, including owning my own company for the last 25-plus years. The passed Bi-Partisan Biden Administration legislation will be providing financial resources to States and Parishes for major road work, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy use reduction/burden via home insulation and more energy-efficient equipment, and high-speed/broadband internet services. These funds/resources are for 5 years and communities must compete for their fair share. I believe my background makes me the right choice for this time.

What do you want to accomplish if elected?
Besides maximum and efficient uses of present and future resources, I would like for all communities to receive their fair share of the benefits. I’m concerned that our parish and communities are qualified DACS (Disadvantaged Communities per Federal Reports and Standards) and rural, which qualifies for the Justice40 Initiative which establishes the goal that 40% of the aforementioned federal resources go to DAC communities. This can only be achieved if we work together.

I believe we are a divided parish along political and racial lines, I believe this division contributes greatly to our DAC status. I believe this election provides the opportunity to reset the deck of leadership, a leadership team that will help move the parish forward and move away from the divide and conquer/suppression mentality. I would like to be part of this change and hope our parish be a much more successful and unified place to live for all of our citizens after my 4 year term. For District #4, our fair share and an infrastructure that allows the constituents and the council person to connect/communicate as needed via social media.