Meet the Candidate: Kenneth Martin

Published 3:34 pm Saturday, September 30, 2023

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This is part of the Meet the Candidate series for the upcoming elections.

The candidate featured here is Kenneth Martin who is running for Washington Parish Sheriff.

When did you decide to run?
It was a culmination of issues over several years. The frustration that I noticed how we are forgetting about certain groups of people. How the system in place now doesn’t have a long-term solution that satisfies the needs of the generations to come. The main issue is illegal drugs.  Drugs are literally killing this parish. Teaching the next generation about the dangers associated with these substances must be one of our Top priorities. We must break this vicious cycle. In addition to this, Crime is another main issue within the parish. This must come to an end. We must return to a parish where we are neighbors again, not enemies. We all need to rebuild our trust in each other. Strong leadership allows for this to happen. When the public trust their leaders to do the right thing, to not allow corruption to run rampant, then we all prosper. Only then can we start to mend as a parish.

What is your occupation/current employer?
I currently work for the Louisiana Military Department as the Senior Contracts and Quality Assurance Manager.

What makes you right for the job?
I lead from out in front not from behind. There will be many people behind me as we rebuild the broken system within the parish. It’s my job to make sure that I am leading them and not leaving them behind. I believe this is what happened in the current organization. People have been left behind. I will be here with you/them every step of the way. I am a hands-on person. I want to get my hands dirty.

I am fair. The law is the law. If you break it there are consequences. This goes for everyone one regardless of your background, even my own family, you break the law you suffer the consequences. I have served three tours overseas with the military in active war zones. Those that have served with me knew and understood this about me. There are no special favors and actions have consequences. I have also been deployed for many natural disasters here within the states and our surrounding areas within the parish.

I will represent everyone. Regardless of race, ethnicity, political affiliation, or religious views. Your voice will be heard and I will be present within the parish to hear your needs and concerns.

What do you plan to accomplish?
I plan to bring back the prestige of law enforcement within this parish. I plan to restore the tarnished nature of our law enforcement and its officers. We have good men and women who serve, they are good hard-working people, they do not deserve to be hidden behind a veil of corruption, dishonesty, and politics. I have outlined how I will increase deputies’ wages and presence within the parish. Please visit my Website to learn more. I want them to be more community oriented to engage with the public to help restore that trust I spoke about earlier. Focus more or building communities up, working with the next generation, and educating the public against crime and drugs. I can spearhead this through my Incident command background that will complement this taskforce throughout the parish.

This isn’t a grudge match for me. I’m not in this for any other reason except this is my Home. This is where I was born and raised, and I have watched it slowly deteriorate into what it is today. I want to rebuild these communities for the future generations to come. It starts with Leadership. Good leadership builds trust. Trust brings communities together.  Communities coming together brings prosperity for all.