Two Killed, Several Injured in Bogalusa Multi-Vehicle Accident

Published 10:21 am Monday, July 24, 2023

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In the early hours of Sunday morning, a multi-vehicle accident on S Columbia St near E 7th St in Bogalusa resulted in two fatalities, leaving multiple occupants with serious injuries. The Bogalusa Police Department responded to numerous calls reporting the incident shortly after 1:00 am, and upon arrival, they were joined by the Bogalusa Fire Department and Northshore EMS in providing aid to the injured victims.

The Bogalusa Police Department has confirmed the tragic loss of two individuals due to injuries sustained in the crash.

The investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing, and authorities have not provided specific details about the factors contributing to the collision or the total number of vehicles involved. Further information will be released to the public once available as the authorities work diligently to understand the circumstances that led to this devastating incident.

Anyone with information about the accident would like to come forward and help law enforcement in their investigation. The Bogalusa Police Department emphasizes the significance of potential witnesses’ cooperation in shedding light on the events leading to the crash.

As the investigation progresses, the authorities will update the public and provide additional details as they become available.