City releases statement on Saturday’s shooting

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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The city government of Bogalusa released a statement this week, concerning a shooting accident that occurred Saturday night.

The statement was as follows:

“On Saturday, Feb. 26, many families came together and enjoyed a beautiful day. It is unfortunate that a few behaved in a violent manner. At this time there is an ongoing investigation regarding the shooting that occurred Saturday night.

“What we know, as of now, is that there were a number of people gathering on MLK and Fourth Street. There was no permit granted for this gathering. At this time we are encouraging anyone who has information to contact the Bogalusa Police Department at 732-3611.

“It is our civic duty to keep the citizens of Bogalusa safe. We need the help of the public to do this. The city of Bogalusa has now elicited the help of the parish and the state, and federal government to work with us to assure the safety of our citizens.

“This is a time when we request the city to come together, not spread rumors, and recognize that every citizen’s safety is our top priority. I ask that everyone understand we need your help.

“We need the citizens’ cooperation for the greater good of our community. Please keep the city of Bogalusa in your prayers.”

Assistant Police Chief Percy Knight said Monday afternoon that there were eight victims, but no deaths as of that time.