Lady Demons’ Michele, Landry, Argualles capture 1sts

Published 3:02 pm Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Franklinton’s Hannah Michele, Tayte Landry and Evelyn Argualles all won their weight classes and Angel Dufrene was the top lifter on the light platform and the Lady Demons came in second place for the competition in the Battle on the Bayou Invitational Powerlifting Meet on Saturday at South Terrebonne.

Michele, who is in the 181.8-pound weight class, won her class with a 335 total after a 110 squat and a 155 deadlift.

Landry won the 198.3s with a 700. She squatted 290, benched 145 and deadlift 265.

Argualles captured the 220.3+ with an 810 after a 295 squat, 180 bench and 335 deadlifted. Teammates Trinity Miller and Jaz Crosby were fifth and sixth respectively. MIller had a 545 with a 220 squat, 105 bench and 220 deadlift. Crosby posted a 505 with a 185 squat, 100 bench and 220 deadlift.

Top lifter Dufrene, who is in the 97s, was second. She posted a 315 with a 115 squat, 75 bench and 125 deadlift. South Terrebonne’s Grace Neil won with a 405.

In addition to Dufrene, four more locals came in second, including Pine’s Anna Arceneaux, Franklinton’s Ava Roshto, Marleigh Schilling and Arielle Magee.

Arceneaux, who is in the 114.5s, lifted 500 total with a 185 squat, 95 bench and 220 deadlift. Franklinton teammates Hannah Spears and Arrielle Coates were third and fifth. Spears recorded a 460. She posted a 150 squat, 90 bench and 220 deadlift. Coates squatted 125, benched 60 and deadlifted 165. South Terrebonne’s Grace Arcement won with a 505.

Roshto, who is in the 123.5s, lifted 485 total with a 155 squat, 85 benh and 245 deadlift. Teammates Brooke Hartzog and Chloe Raybourn were fifth and sixth. Hartzog posted a 430 after squatting 150, benching 75 and deadlift 205. Raybourn posted a 365 with a 100 squat, 60 bench and 205 deadlifted. Franklinton’s Elizabeth Thompson benched 80 and deadlift 200. Ascension Catholic’s Sophie Simoneaux won with a 490.

Schilling, who is in the 132.3s, came in second with a 675 after she squatted 265, benched 130 and deadlifting 280. Teammate Jennifer Dong was third with Pine’s Brianne Pittman and Franklinton’s Kamryn Carter coming in seventh and eight. Dong totaled 640. She squatted 245, benched 120 and deadlifted 275. Pittman posted a 375 with a 145 squat, 70 bench and 160 deadlift. Carter tallied a 365 after squatting 120, benching 75 and deadlifting 170. Franklinton’s Mallory Griggs benched 50 and deadlifted 135, while teammate Lelia Kinnamon benched 90 and deadlifted 210. South Terrebonne’s Harley White won with a 730.

Magee came in second in the 220.3s with a 675 total. She squatted 205, benched 170 and deadlifted 300. South Terrebonne’s Trinity Pledger was the winner with a 700.

Franklinton teammates Ashlynn Beard and Eliza Realo were fourth and fifth in the 105.8s. Bears had a 320 total after squatting 130, benching 55 and deadlifted 135. Realo posted a 250 with an 80 squat, 50 bench and 120 deadlift. Franklinton’s Kaylee Ard squatted 160 and deadlifted 205. Ascension Catholic’s Reagan Tripode won with a 470.

Franklinton teammates Isabella Lambert and Adrianna Rebardi were fourth and sixth in the 148.8s. Lambert lifted a 460 total with a 170 squat, 90 bench and 200 deadlift. Rebardi had a 360 with a 125 squat and 70 bench and 165 deadlift. Emma Dutruch benched 75 and deadlifted 175. Terrebonne’s Kamryn Price won with a 785.

Franklinton teammates Alexis Ellis, Alyssa Robins and Annalise Thigpen were fourth through sixth in the 165.3s. Both totaled 395. The tiebreaker is less body weight and Ellis won the tiebreaker by a pound. Ellis squatted 120, benched 75 and deadlifted 200. Robins squated 130, benched 85 and deadlifted 180. Thigpen tallied a 295 with a 75 squat, 60 bench and 160 deadlift. Franklinton’s Christian Loup squatted 220 and deadlifted 260.