Pine held a basketball camp earlier this month

Published 12:46 pm Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Pine held a basketball camp on June 9-11.

The event had 82 campers from kindergarten through seventh graders.

Pine coach Brett Cooper said the clinic went really smoothly.

“I had my assistant coach Brett Spears and she did a really good job with the young ones,” Cooper said. “We had a lot of help from the basketball players from the boys and the girls teams.”

Cooper said they worked a lot of fundamental drills that they could take home and work on them. They gave everybody a basketball at the end, so that hopefully they’ll practice, improve and come back next year. They also got a T-shirt.

The camp featured different competitions like hot shot, relay, dribble tag and knockout to help them bring the skills into games.

Knockout is a game where players line up starting at the free-throw line and go back toward halfcourt. First two players have a basketball each. The first person shoots, if they make it, they pass the ball to the next person in line. If they miss, they must make a shot before the person behind them does. If the person behind them makes a shot before they do, they are out of the game. The contest goes on until there is one player left and they are the winner.