Several local lifters headed to state

Published 1:47 pm Friday, March 5, 2021

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Several local powerlifters are going to the powerlifting state meet.

Seven lifters from Washington Parish made the state meet after qualifying through the 2021 South Regional that took place last Saturday at Pope John Paul II.

To reach state, the lifter had to either win their weight class at the regional meet or come in the top 10 of their division, but when somebody won their regional, that counted as a spot toward state, so if somebody from a Division I school won at regionals, there were nine spots left for state. There were six regions.

Franklinton’s Jaylin Magee, Shelton Jenkins, Collin Penny, Adam Galloway, Bogalusa’s Kevin Wells and Derek Keating and Pine’s Braeden Arceneaux all made it to the state meet.

Jenkins and Arceneaux are the top seeds in their divisions and weight classes.

Arceneaux is the top seed for the 114.5-pound weight class in Division IV. Arceneaux was third in regionals with 650 total pounds of weight lifted. Arceneaux had a 240 squat, 120 bench and 290 deadlift. Covington’s Nicolas Calidonia won with a 760.

Jenkins and Penny are in the 198.3s.

Jenkins is the top seed in Division II in the 198.3s. He was third in regionals with 1,415. Jenkins squatted 500, benched 400 and deadlifted 515. Penny, who is the ninth seed in Division II, was 13th in the regional with a 945. Penny posted a 360 squat, 200 bench and 365 deadlift. Slidell’s Tyrese Thompson won at 1,450.

Magee is the second seed in Division II for the 181.8s. Magee, who was fifth in regionals, posted a 1,240 with a 465 squat, 275 bench and 500 deadlift. Mandeville’s Aidan Schellinger won at 1,355.

Galloway, Wells and Keating are seventh in their divisions and weight classes.

Keating and Galloway, who are both in the 275.5s, were fifth and seventh in regionals respectively with totals of 1,165 and 1,110. Keating, who is in Division III, squatted 450, benched 295 and deadlift 420. Galloway, who is in Division II, squatted 460, benched 280 and deadlifted 370. Northlake Christian School’s Emmanuel Powell won the regional at 1,550.

Wells is the seventh-seed in Division III for the 148.8s with a 995. Wells, who was fourth in the regional, squatted 345, benched 270 and deadlift ed 380. St. Paul’s School’s Joshua Kellum won with a 1,310.

Two Pope John Paul II, who is in Division IV, had two lifters that are Bogalusa residents reach state.

Cael McDaniel and Matthew Kirkland are headed to state.

McDaniel, who is the fifth seed in the 220.3s, was seventh in regionals with an 1,175 total. McDaniel squatted 460, benched 255 and deadlift 460.

Kirkland, who is the sixth seed in the SHW, was fifth in regionals. He squatted 385, benched 260 and deadlifted 415. Northlake Christian School’s Justin Perritt won with a 1,445.

Several other locals competed.

Franklinton’s Nate Lebo was 13th in the 148.8s with a 165 squat, 95 bench and 245 deadlift for a 505 total.

Franklinton’s Andre Callias and Ryan Barber were 11th and 18th respectively in the 165.3s. Callias posted a 315 squat, 200 bench and 200 deadlift for 855 total. Barber tallied a 165 squat, 95 bench and 230 deadlift for 480. Pope John Paul II’s Joey Estopinal won with a 1,315.

Franklinton’s Ethan Sharpe was 16th in the 181.8s with a 1,010 total after squatting 415, benching 225 and deadlifting 370.

Bogalusa’s Danny Doung was ninth in the 220.3s. He tallied an 870 after posting a 330 squat, 200 bench and 340 deadlift. Holy Cross’ Nick Eaton won at 1,520.

Franklinton’s James Slade took 15th in the 242.5s. He had a 955 total with a 330 squat, 205 bench and 420 deadlift.

Guest lifter Kaden Boone out of Franklinton benched 145 and deadlifted 280.

The state meet will take place March 18-20 at the Fant Ewing Coliseum on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.