‘Smart’ purchases: Enon school receives IP grant funds

Published 2:36 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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The Health Ahead/Heart Smart Children’s Health Program, founded by the late Dr. Gerald Berenson, has been awarded a $5,000 grant from International Paper’s Bogalusa Mill and the International Paper Foundation.

Funds were awarded to twelve “Heart Smart” schools in Washington Parish and Bogalusa School systems. School supplies and equipment were purchased by a school coordinator at each school.

The comments below from Enon Elementary express their thanks to International Paper for materials and supplies they purchased with grant funding:

“Here at Enon Elementary School we are proud to continue our implementation of the Health Ahead Heart Smart Program. The support from this program has been essential in our efforts to bring nutritional, behavioral and overall health awareness and knowledge to our students. This is especially true during the month of February, American Heart Month.

“Over the years, this support has allowed our school to purchase many items such as teaching tools, models as well as other supplies to help further our educational efforts. We are able to use these items to more effectively teach the important tenets of the Health Ahead Heart Smart curriculum.

We would like to offer special recognition and thanks to International Paper for their support of this program this year. Without this, continuation of this wonderful program would not be possible. In the photo, you can see a few of our students displaying items purchased with the funds so generously provided by International Paper.”