COVID-19 hurts football preparations

Published 8:57 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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This is normally a time of year when on-field football preparations are going on for the upcoming season.

Players are learning new roles, it is a chance for players new to the starting lineup to showcase improvement and gain knowledge to become a better player, returning starters re-familiarize themselves with their position and improve, teams work together to become better and it is a chance for coaches to see where their team is at this point.

All of this leads up to the spring game.

Unfortunately, all of that is canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In spring, we try to become more physical and evaluate positions,” Bogalusa coach Adam Brumfield said. “It’s always an exciting time of the year for me as a coach because you start missing football and you feel recharged from having some time off.”

Brumfield said that all they can really do for players is send them some workouts that they can implement at home and some different things to do to keep themselves in shape.

“Hopefully soon this all will pass as we can get some sense of normalcy again,” Brumfield said. “I miss my players and I know they miss football and I’m ready to get back started. It makes you realize how much you miss the game and the kids and you remember why you choose this profession to start with.”

At Bowling Green School, coach Riley Boudreaux said he told his players to stay in shape and sent his players exercises to stay in shape.

“It’s not body building stuff just because not everybody has weights. It’s body weight  and conditioning type of stuff,” Boudreaux said.