Franklinton Soccer Club welcomes players from all over the parish

Published 1:47 pm Friday, October 18, 2019

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The Franklinton Soccer Club was established in 2019 to organize, administer and promote soccer in the greater Washington Parish Area for youth and adults. Our club is open to anyone above the age of 3. Our goals are teaching soccer skills and tactics, providing a safe, fun environment to learn and play soccer, and to foster sportsmanship and teamwork among soccer players. We are the only Louisiana state-affiliated soccer organization in Washington Parish.
How did we begin? Several FYSA volunteers, parents and coaches got together and talked about new and innovative ways that would make the game more fun by helping our kids develop their skills and to learn the game from certified, trained coaches. Soccer continues to grow in popularity across Louisiana and the group also wanted to give the kids the experience of playing teams from more established soccer programs. We are grateful to FYSA for past years of association soccer in Franklinton but eventually, we decided that it would be worthwhile to put in the work to make the game more fun and to really grow the sport in Washington Parish.
How are we different? We are a club, not an association. We have a board of officers, elected by club members, who are responsible for the administration of the club but as a club member you have access to board meetings, financial records and you have a voice in club decisions. Club membership is annual and gives you the ability to play in both the spring and fall seasons.
Being a club also means we have more flexible options when it comes to forming teams. Everyone, regardless of age, will be in the same club and have the same uniform, but will play on different teams. We will group the teams by ages but we will have fewer teams with more players on each team.
As an example, instead of two teams of 10-year olds consisting of 10 players each, we may have one team of 10-12 year olds consisting of 20 players.
Having fewer teams means having fewer, more qualified and certified coaches. Fewer teams with more players also means that teams will still have enough players to play if some players are absent during games for various reasons.
Where and when will games be played? We will have two seasons each year, the first will begin 1 March and end on 2 May, 2020. Our first home will be at Franklinton High School. Games will be played there until we can reach our goal of moving into a more permanent home by the fall season of 2020.
Franklinton Soccer Club is not a travel team. We will play and practice locally with a few exceptions. Our goal is to give each team above the 10-year old age group the opportunity to play teams outside Franklinton two times each season. The other teams are fellow LSA members. We also would like to give each team above the age of 10 the opportunity to play in a tournament at the end of each season. The tournaments would involve other LSA teams and would be in Hammond, Covington or Baton Rouge.
Where can I get more information? Meet us at First Baptist Church in Franklinton on Nov. 4th at 6 p.m. for a family meeting with dinner served! We will answer questions, begin sign ups, showcase uniforms, hear from the Executive Director of the Louisiana Soccer Association, and share a great meal.
What is the website?
Is there a Facebook page? Yes-check us out at Franklinton Soccer Club on Facebook.

Fast Facts about the Franklinton Soccer Club:
1. All coaches and referees will be trained and certified. Teams will have both a head coach and assistant coach for all players.
2. The club will hold public meetings, and make public the financial records. All by-laws and rules will be readily available to the public. In addition, officers will have term limits and parents will have a voice in their child’s soccer club.
3. We will be affiliate members of the Louisiana Soccer Association.
4. Players will be taught and coached in all positions, allowing them to learn the skills of the game and play in various positions successfully.
5. Uniforms will consist of 2 jerseys, 1 pair of matching shorts, and socks. Once purchased, uniforms can be worn until they are outgrown. We may be able to allow for hand-me-downs.
6. Officers:
President: Jason Smith
Vice-President: Johnny Burris
Secretary: Kristi Crain
Treasurer: Leslie Ezell
Membership Coordinator: Whitney Bahm
Field Manager: Rob Crain
Website Manager: Johnny Burris
Coaches Coordinator: James Herbert
Fundraising Coordinator: Jeremy Ezell

7. Where can I join, sponsor, or volunteer? Please reach out to our officers personally, or through our club email address:
Our website allows for online registering at

We can also receive instant messages on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you!