Bowling Green having to forfeit games

Published 3:18 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

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Bowling Green School learned Tuesday that there had been a report filed that BGS had two ineligible players on the football team. The two students met the age criteria, but not the consecutive years of play.
According to the MAIS Athletic Association Committee, Bowling Green will forfeit all games in which these students played this school year. These students will not be eligible to play in the final two games of the season. These sanctions will not affect any other sport at BGS nor will they affect the future football program.
The Bowling Green football team is still eligible for the playoffs, based on their power points.
In a statement, Headmaster/Principal Beverly Young said:
“Coach Riley Boudreaux and his current staff were completely unaware of this situation. They have taken this devastating information with integrity, knowing that the real victims are our children.
“As Headmaster/Principal of Bowling Green, I am heartbroken for the football team, their parents, the fans and all the many friends who support the BG football program.
“It is heartbreaking when our school does everything within its power to follow the MAIS athletic rules and guidelines. If the administration and current football coaches had been aware that these boys were ineligible, they would not have been allowed to play this school year.
“Bowling Green still has two games left in the season, and everyone is encouraged to come out and support our team. Our boys will give their very best. Even though we will forfeit the six games, nothing can take away the pride and excitement in those wins. In the boys’ hearts they will remain district champs and winners.
“Once again, we are reminded that as humans we make mistakes, but as a BG family, we will accept, grieve for our football family, but look to the future with that great Buccaneer Pride and Spirit.
“Come out and join us next Friday, Oct. 11, for our Homecoming game. Show the boys that you love and support them.”