Bogalusa High School helps family in tough time

Published 1:21 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Bogalusa High School athletic department came together to help the family of two of their athletes get through a tough time.
On July 19, football and baseball players Talik Williams and Ta-lyn Williams’ house had an electrical fire.
The Williams brothers and their family were going through a tough time, but Bogalusa’s athletic department was there to help.
The group held a fundraiser of rib and chicken plates and the money went to the family to help with rebuilding their house.
Bogalusa assistant football coach Spade Morris did all of the cooking.
“How we look at it is that we’re just a big family and family takes care of family and we had to step up,” Bogalusa athletic director Michael Cummings said. “(Head football coach) coach (Adam) Brumfield, myself, (Bogalusa principal) Mrs. Linda Pittman and (Bogalusa assistant football coach) Spade Morris got a fundraiser together. They’re great kids, a great family and the way we look at it is that we have to take care of each other. We just wanted to do our small part.”
Talik and Ta-lyn’s father, Tellis Williams, said he is very grateful.
“I’m very thankful that a lot of people in the community, families, friends, people that wanted to give and couldn’t give, they still had a change of thought to think enough of me and them boys through this time when we have lost everything that we had,” Tellis Williams said.
Williams said they did not lose the whole house. He said they lost mostly the interior and some material things. He said everything in the house could not be saved.
Williams said he did not know about the fundraiser until the last minute, but he is very grateful.
“I know I have a lot of friends, I try to treat people right and it shows. When it came down to where I had nothing, I had a lot of people that pulled through for me,” Williams said.
Williams also thankful to his employer, Bill’s Plumbing.
“I want to thank my employer for coming through and supporting me through this time, because he played a real big part of me coming back and being who I am today,” he said.