Local venture crews win top spots

Published 2:18 pm Tuesday, July 30, 2019

It was a banner three days for local venture crews in the White River Canoe Race that took place July 25-27 in Arkansas.
Bogalusa Crews 313 and Bush Crew 213 competed in five combined racing divisions over the three-day, 120-mile marathon race and captured each one.
Crew 313 was victorious in the Open Cruising division, with a time of 13 hours, 48 minutes, 13 seconds.
The group won by 1:24.57, as the second-place team tallied a time of 15:13.10.
Crew 213 was the top finisher in the Coed Cruising division, with a time of 15:46.41.
Bush Crew 213 won the Girls Aluminum Beginners division, after clocking a 6:00.48. The team won by more than a half hour, as second place had a time of 6:31.44.
The Girls Aluminum Beginners teams raced one leg per day. The rest of the groups went all eight legs, which included three legs on the first and last day and two legs on the second day.
Venture Crew 313 won the Boys Advanced Aluminum division, after posting a time of 15:10.17.
The Boys Aluminum Novice team from 313 was victorious after tallying a 16:57.40.
The team won by over an hour, as the next two times were 18:07.27 and 18:43.11.
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Venture 313 scouts Chris Weintritt (stern) and Josh Gulczynski (bow) paddle the White River Canoe Race in Arkansas. The local crews combined to win six races.