Getting to Know

Published 2:23 pm Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bowling Green School’s Steven Scott Cooper

Bowling Green School’s Steven Scott Cooper plays football for the Buccaneers. Cooper is mainly a wide receiver, but also can play safety and he returns punts for Bowling Green. Cooper is also in the mix to be a kickoff returner as well.
Last year, Cooper was a first-team all-district defensive back.
“That’s one guy I’m really excited about,” Bowling Green coach Boomer Nunez said. “He was a big time contributor on defense for us last year and the offensive guys begged me last year to put him on offense. I just felt like, at the time, he was good for us on defense and I felt like he was a college safety, so we tried to keep him there. This summer, somebody was missing for a 7-on-7 and we threw him out there and he did really well. I finally had to swallow my pride a little bit and tell the offensive guys that they were right, so he’ll be playing fulltime receiver for us. The little time he’s played, he’s already got a lot of interest from colleges to go play receiver for them.
“He’s a fast guy, good hands, he runs good routes, he’s put on 15, 20 pounds of muscle from last season. He’s that guy that can return punts for us because we can trust him. He works hard, he’s a good player, great kid, good in the classroom. He’s one of those guys we can trust on special teams.”

What do you enjoy most about playing your sport?
It’s just something I’ve always done. It’s fun. I’ve always loved to do it.

What do you like best about being a student athlete?
It’s just the environment. You’re with your teammates after school. You’re with your friends at school. It’s like a brotherhood for football. School is different.

Who has been the most influential person in your school sports career? Why?
Probably (Bowling Green offensive coordinator) coach Riley (Boudreaux). He’s just always got something good to say. If you need anything, he’s always there.

Who is your favorite athlete? Why?
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. He never gets in trouble, he’s good, nice and he’s a pretty down to earth person.

Favorite team?
New Orleans Saints.

Best thing about living in Washington Parish?
The people. There’s not a whole lot of violence. It’s normally pretty normal society.