Sheriff: Inmates’ bribe attempt failed

Published 1:10 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019

Another attempt was recently made by Washington Parish Jail inmates to bribe a jail deputy, according to Chief Deputy Mike Haley of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Andre Lucas

Haley said that on Wednesday, June 5, inmate Andre Dune Lucas, 27, asked a jail deputy if he was interested in making some money. The deputy notified his supervisors, who authorized him to continue the conversation with the inmate, Haley said.

During his next routine round through the jail, the deputy was once again approached by Lucas, who repeated the offer and stated that all the deputy had to do was bring him some Bugler tobacco and narcotics. The deputy expressed interest in the offer and Lucas provided him with phone numbers to contact a person in the community, Haley said.

Haley said that the deputy later called the numbers and spoke with Kekouya Dakonya Jackson Jr., 18, a resident of Highway 21 near Angie. Arrangements were made for Jackson and the jail deputy to meet at a certain time in the Pine area on Thursday, June 6, for Jackson to give narcotics and tobacco to the deputy. That night, the deputy met Jackson at the pre-arranged location, at which time Jackson gave him marijuana and tobacco to deliver to the jail with the agreement that payment would be made after the items were delivered.

Kekouya Jackson

While the transaction was occurring, Chief of Corrections Jim Miller, a jail sergeant and drug task force detectives were in the area, Haley said.

“They were notified when Jackson left the scene and pursued him, making a traffic stop on Highway 62,” Haley said. “When approaching Jackson’s vehicle, a drug task force detective observed a pistol on the seat next to Jackson. Jackson was arrested and booked into the jail on charges of possession of a stolen firearm, distribution of illegal narcotics, possession of illegal narcotics with a weapon present and criminal conspiracy. He was released from jail on June 10 after posting $30,000 bail.”

Haley said that an internal jail investigation revealed that another inmate, Malik Robinson, 21, was also involved in the conspiracy. Both Robinson and Lucas were arrested on additional charges of criminal conspiracy after warrants were signed by a 22nd Judicial District Judge.

Lucas is in jail awaiting trial on drug and weapons charges with his bond set at $300,000. He has six previous stays in jail since 2009 on various charges including armed robbery, aggravated assault with a firearm, failure to appear in court and principal to attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer. His last known address was Elton Place in Bogalusa.

Malik Robinson

Robinson is in jail awaiting trial on weapons charges and criminal damage to property with his bond set at $300,000. He has two previous stays in jail since 2013 on various charges including armed robbery, aggravated battery, resisting a police officer with force or violence and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. His last known address was Avenue J in Bogalusa.

“Once again, the integrity of our jail deputies prevailed,” Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal said. “They did what was right and the outcome was good. Jail officers are the unsung heroes of the criminal justice system.

“Their job is very difficult as they deal daily with the most dysfunctional members of our society. My hat is off to them for a job well done.”

A stolen weapon and illegal drugs were seized from Jackson’s vehicle.