Franklinton Junior High’s Brown making history

Published 3:19 pm Friday, May 3, 2019

Franklinton Junior High School’s Annsley Brown is making history in the 2019 football season.
The seventh grader is going to be the Falcons’ first-ever female football player.
Brown is a running back.
“When I tried out, I kind of knew I was going to make it because I had already had two years of experience, and to me, I was good and other people were telling me I was good too,” she said. “Then when I was out there, I was kind of nervous and stuff.
“But then, I kind of didn’t get nervous on the last day. When we started hitting and stuff, I wasn’t that nervous because I knew I could do it and I believed in myself. Then, we got out there and I did what I had to do and then they told me that I did good and then I thought I was going to make it. When I found out, I was really, really happy.”
Brown’s two years of experience was at the Franklinton Youth Football Association.
Brown said the things that make her a good player are that she is strong, fast and believes she can do it.
Brown said she is really excited about the first game and kind of nervous too, but said she believes she will do well.
Brown said the thing she likes the most about football is the hitting.
She has also played safety in the past.