Getting to Know

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ben’s Ford Christian School’s Ernesto Woods

Ben’s Ford Christian School’s Ernesto Woods is a two-sports athlete for the Eagles, playing baseball and football.
On the diamond, the senior is a second baseman. In football, Woods plays wide receiver.
In his baseball career, Woods has been a first and second-team player.
Both of Ben’s Ford’s coaches Tommy Pittman and Jerod Wascom praised Woods.
“He’s always been a respectful kid, loves the Lord, faithful to his church and all of that carries over when he comes out on this ball field,” Pittman said. “Just a good kid. Never been a problem kid. He’s been with us what seems like forever. He’s played varsity since eighth grade. He’s just an all-around good kid. He brings a good spirit to everything. We’d love to have some more like him as far as the way he conducts himself.
Wascom said, “One of his greatest characteristics as a ballplayer is he is a great teammate, and that exemplifies who he is as a person and as a player, a great teammate. Good kid.”

What do you enjoy most about playing your sports?
I think I just enjoy having fun out there with the guys and just creating that relationship with them on the field and just the good memories with the coaches and stuff like that.

What do you like best about being a student athlete?
Just walking around school and seeing the younger kids look up to you and knowing that maybe they can be me like one day.

Who has been the most influential person in your school sports career? Why?
I think there would be multiple people for that. Coach Tommy (Pittman) has been here since I was in ninth grade. Coach Jerod (Wascom) has been there since I was in eighth grade. Coach Devin (Castleberry) especially, and coach Brandon (Penton). Just all of the coaches that come out and leave their time for us. They can be with their families, but they decide to be with us and help us get better for us for the game and stuff like that.

Who is your favorite athlete? Why?
Ben’s Ford Christian School sophomore shortstop Chase Penton. He works really hard, he doesn’t give up on himself and obviously you’re going to be hard on yourself, but that just takes time to overcome. He’s just a great athlete.

Favorite team?
New York Yankees.

Best thing about living in Washington Parish?
Just the people here, the community and especially the crawfish.