Getting to Know: MHS’s Trey Brumfield

Published 4:14 am Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mt. Hermon School’s Trey Brumfield is a senior. He plays baseball and runs track.

In baseball, Brumfield plays several positions, including left field, pitcher, third base and said he will play wherever they need him. Brumfield has been an all-district player for the last four years and has been a first-team player over the last two seasons.

In track, he has been part of 4×200 teams that have been to the Class B state meet over the last two years. The Yellow Jackets were eighth in the state for Class B last year and seventh the year before.

“He’s one of those kids that I’ve had since the very beginning and he’s one of those kids that has worked very hard for me and put everything out there,” Mt. Hermon coach Matt Sessions said. “He’s just a special kid that I’ve formed a bond with from the very beginning. He works hard everyday and it’s a privilege having him be a part of this team and leading our team. I have nothing but love and high hopes for things to come for him.


=What do you enjoy most about playing your sports?

Being with my brothers. That’s the most important thing, the thing I like the most.


What do you like best about being a student athlete?

I think it motivates me to do good in class, playing sports.


Who has been the most influential person in your school sports career? Why?

Coach Matt (Sessions) because since seventh grade, he’s been pushing me to be the best man I can be on-and-off the field, and if it wasn’t for him, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.


Who is your favorite athlete? Why?

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman because growing up, people were always telling me I wasn’t tall enough or big enough and he’s always preached that it doesn’t matter what size you are, anything’s possible.


Favorite team?

Mt. Hermon Yellow Jackets.


Best thing about living in Washington Parish?

Small town, everybody knows everybody, so there’s a lot of love and support.