Varnado is runner up in District 8-1A Tournament

Published 8:25 am Thursday, February 21, 2019

Varnado’s Wildcats were runner up in the District 8-1A Tournament that was held last week at Ecole Classique.

The Wildcats won their first game, 64-46, over J.S. Clark on Feb. 12 to begin the event.

Brandon Lee led the Wildcats with 17 points.

Kim McGowan posted 14 and he made a 3-pointer.

Jaheim Hooks tallied 12 points and he was good on a 3-pointer.

Adrian Bickham put up 10 points

Jhaquawn McConnell tallied six points while Kevis Brooks had four and Trevon Haynes recorded one. McConnell made a 3-pointer.

On Thursday, Varnado defeated St. Martin’s Episcopal, 56-40.

McGowan topped the Wildcats with 14 points that included a trio of 3-pointers.

Lee recorded 13 points.

Elizah Miller recorded 11.

McConnell tallied eight while Hooks and Bickham had four each and Javon Bickham posted two. McConnell made a 3-pointer.

The win put Varnado in the title game, but the Wildcats lost to KIPP Booker T. Washington, 97-62.

Lee topped Varnado with 16 points.

Adrian Bickham and Brooks had 12 each. Brooks made a 3-pointer.

McGowan tallied 10 and he hit a pair of 3-pointers.

Hooks had five points while McConnell posted three and Miller and Haynes added two each. Hooks and McConnell made a 3-pointer each.