Bogalusa’s Keating reaches the podium in Saturday’s competition

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bogalusa’s Derek Keating made the podium at the Randy Johnson Invitational Powerlifting Meet that took place Saturday at St. Thomas Aquinas.
Keating, who lifts in the 275-pound weight class, took second place. Keating lifted a total of 970 pounds. He squatted 350, benched 245 and deadlifted 375. Slidell’s David Herod won the event with a 1,305 total.
Bogalusa was the only Washington Parish team in the meet.
Devonte Jackson and Kevin Wells finished fourth and fifth respectively in the 148s. Jackson listed a 770 total with a 230 squat, 205 bench and 335 deadlift. Wells lifted 765 total. He had a 275 squat, 195 bench and 295 deadlift. Slidell’s Colby Wilson was victorious with a 1,115 total.
Dre-Toris Mark was eighth in the 165s, posting a score of 755. Mark squatted 225, benched 185 and he deadlifted 345.