Pro-business group praises Mizell for her votes

Published 4:04 am Friday, August 24, 2018

Tuesday evening, the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) released the 20th edition of its Legislative Scorecard, highlighting the leaders LABI said “voted for a solid foundation of policies that promote economic growth and job creation across the Pelican State.”

LABI officials said that this year’s Scorecard details the votes taken on 27 measures that would affect the state’s economy, employers and business climate. The report gives Louisiana residents an inside look at what happens in Baton Rouge and provides them with the information necessary to make informed decisions at the polls.

For the Northshore region, Sens. Beth Mizell (R-Franklinton), Jack Donahue (R-Mandeville), Sharon Hewitt (R-Slidell) and Rep. Scott Simon (R-Abita Springs) were named “Most Valuable Policymaker” (MVP) for earning a perfect score on major legislation that affected the state’s economy.

“Business and industry are the job creators in Louisiana so I am pleased to support legislation that keeps Louisiana competitive in our region,” Mizell said. “We all want to see our citizens succeed and good paying jobs right here in Louisiana are needed for that to happen.

“Thanks to the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry for the recognition and their ongoing efforts to bring and keep jobs in our state.”

Stephen Waguespack, LABI president and CEO, said that it was a delicate balance for legislators to focus on the “fiscal cliff” and state budget crisis, while still keeping business needs in mind.

“Some may find the legislation prioritized in our Scorecard surprising, given the overwhelming focus solely on the fiscal cliff narrative during the marathon of sessions this year,” Waguespack said. “We were promoting a broader pro-growth agenda and remain focused on long-term solutions to our problems rather than short-term band aids. Yet the issues our team tackled at the legislature have one thing in common — they profoundly impact the ability of Louisiana employers to create jobs.”

Each year, the LABI works with an engaged membership to determine the issues most important to Louisiana’s economy and subsequently develop an annual Program of Work that guides policy development and advocacy efforts in Baton Rouge. The criteria outlined in the Program of Work determines the weight each piece of legislation carries throughout the session and guides the final votes selected for the annual analysis.

Reps. Reid Falconer (R-Mandeville), Paul Hollis (R-Covington), Mark Wright (R-Covington) and Stephen Pugh (R-Ponchatoula) were named “LABI All-Stars” for scoring 90 percent or higher on legislation selected for analysis. Rep. Kevin Pearson (R-Slidell) was given a “LABI Honorable Mention” for scoring 80 percent or higher on bills selected for the Scorecard analysis.

In 2018, LABI urged lawmakers to consider the economy as they debated solutions to the state’s fiscal challenges. In addition to sound tax policy, consistent with the priorities laid out in the Program of Work, LABI championed bills in 2018 to provide greater transparency on state spending through the creation of Louisiana Checkbook, improve the cost and performance of legacy state pension systems and bring more accountability to Medicaid spending.

LABI also urged legislators to eliminate overly burdensome regulations that hinder job opportunities, limit frivolous lawsuits and lower auto insurance rates by allowing evidence of seat belt use in civil trials and promote entrepreneurship and affordable ridesharing statewide.

Finally, LABI joined a bipartisan coalition to call a limited Constitutional Convention to rewrite the state’s governing document to better reflect the needs and vision of today’s taxpayers. These advocacy efforts are explained in further detail and reflected in the votes chosen for analysis in the 20th edition of the LABI Scorecard.

“2018 was a year filled with contention and frustration, as legislators again attempted to resolve the fiscal deficit in state government. As session after session broke down, major challenges were sidelined by the bureaucratic bubble of Baton Rouge,” Waguespack said. “Also frustrated throughout this process were the state’s entrepreneurs, innovators and job creators. Too often, they were either largely forgotten or unfairly blamed for government’s deficiencies. That trend must change. Still there were a good number of lawmakers who took courageous stands to promote these reforms and defend free enterprise. Their leadership gives us hope for the future, and we’re proud to recognize them for their hard work.”

This year’s LABI MVPs, All-Stars and Honorable Mentions will be honored by LABI members on Thursday, Nov. 15, at the third annual LABI Free Enterprise Awards reception alongside other businesses and individuals who have proven their exemplary commitment and contributions to their local communities and the state’s business climate.

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