Bogalusa resident competes in 1st NPC event

Published 12:40 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Saturday, June 16 was a night of learning and accomplishment for Bogalusa YMCA fitness instructor and Bogalusa resident Brandi Beaudette.
Beaudette competed in the National Physique Committee Battle on the Coast competition at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, Miss., which was presented by Iron Works Gym.
Beaudette competed in the physique portion and came in second place, with two people competing in her division.
It was Beaudette’s first competition.
“It was really great,” Beaudette said. “I was really surprised at how when I got back there, the camaraderie of all of the men and women together, how they were so willing to go out of their way to help me. Even though you’re their competition, they want to just pull you under their wing and teach you how to get along with everybody and it was a lot of love back there.”
Beaudette said going out on stage was like second nature. She added that many people came from Washington Parish to support her.
“There were like 30 people and I really just want to thank every one of them because when I heard that scream erupt, it was just like I was at home. I knew my people were there and I was just doing my thing,” Beaudette said.
Beaudette said there have been plenty of people that have been supporting her from town.
“Margie Jackson has been paramount to helping me how to prepare for backstage, what to bring,” she said. “Helping me with a competition suit and just making sure I was very prepared. The ‘Y’ sponsored me. Brown’s Catering did some sponsoring. They sponsored my hotel room. A friend kept my daughter for me. A friend did my hair. A friend did my makeup. Everybody coming together, the town really supported me.”
Beaudette said she had an extreme diet and she practiced the way she was going to walk out on stage everyday.
“Really meal prepping and a lot of forehand prep work. Making sure you’ve got your routine sound, your meal prep sound, you’ve got your workouts made up and then just hitting those marks and having that confidence to go on stage. You’ve got to own that stage,” Beaudette said.
Beaudette said this experience will help her, moving forward.
“I learned so much and they have great people there that travel from show-to-show. We’ll be seeing a lot of the same faces,” Beaudette said.
Beaudette said she hopes to compete again in July. If not, definitely August.
The show in July is in Madison, Miss., and the one in August is in Slidell.