Camp featured learning, competition

Published 11:34 am Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Sports Work Academy Basketball Camp took place Saturday at the Bogalusa YMCA and taught the participants different skills about basketball while also providing some fun competitions.
This year was the 12th time clinic has been offered.
“We send them through a regular set of combine drills where we start them off with some good stretching exercises and then we work on calibrating the left- and the right-hand dribbling layups,” co-camp director and 1985 Bogalusa High School graduate Michael Galloway said.
The counselors took campers through different drills. One had cones that featured different variations or quadrants of the court in order to be able to score, pass or shoot.
After the drills, the campers played 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 before the day ended with life skills lessons. This year, Spade Morris spoke to the campers.
“We run through a full array of drills,” Galloway said.
The children ranged in age from 6-18.
Galloway said that it is a real pleasure seeing the campers that return every year.
“You see the kids come up from the age group where they can barely stand up to hold the ball to now being able to run through the drills and be very proficient at it, so it’s very rewarding to be able to the kids grow and you grow with them throughout the process,” Galloway said.
The coaches that helped Galloway this year were co-camp director Nikita Wilson and Murrell Galloway.
Wilson is a former LSU basketball player and NBA player. Murrell Galloway graduated from Bogalusa in 1981 and served as the coaching staff’s captain.
This year’s clinic had 22 participants.

Bogalusa 10th grader Marquarim Smith takes a jumper during Saturday’s Sports Work Academy Camp that took place at the Bogalusa YMCA on Saturday.

Varnado eighth grader Dameon Roberts shoots a layup in the Sports Work Academy Basketball Camp that was Saturday at the Bogalusa YMCA.