A warm gesture: NCS opens ‘Care Closet’ for donations

Published 4:14 am Saturday, January 6, 2018

Northshore Charter School principal Dee Dee McCullough said the inspiration for the school’s “Care Closet” came with the particularly cold holiday season.

“We have some students who stuff food in their pockets,” she said. ‘’People just don’t think that kids in our town go hungry, but they do. And a lot of our kids needed coats.”

The school staff, seeing the needs of some of their children, made the decision to begin a “Care Closet” at the school. McCullough had a washing machine and dryer donated to help those who need clean uniforms. Now, several staff members regularly take wash home with them.

Kindergarten teacher Bridget Knight called Our Lady of the Angels Hospital, which was having a coat drive, “and cried and begged for more coats,” she said.

They still need donations of clothes, as well washing detergents, soaps, deodorant, wipes, gently used uniforms, et cetera, along with smaller pantry items that they may send home in a child’s book sack.

Food items are also appreciated.

Contact Knight if you would like to donate, or simply drop off donated items at the school.