Former FHS powerlifter makes LSU’s club team

Published 3:35 am Saturday, September 30, 2017

Alexa Barber began her powerlifting career her junior year at Franklinton High School when the program began at FHS.
Now just two years later, Barber, who is a freshman at LSU, has made the school’s club powerlifting team.
Barber heard the good news on Sunday.
“I was pretty much overwhelmed with joy,” Barber said. “There were seven girls trying out. I trained with them for a few weeks. I got a personal record in the squat of 277 pounds. I was just really happy they accepted me.”
Barber, who is in the 158-pound weight class, set personal records during the tryouts in the squat and deadlift. Her previous best in the squat was 270, which she accomplished last season at Franklinton. During tryouts, she deadlifted 275 and beat her previous personal record by five pounds. Barber said she is benching 115 right now.
The tryouts lasted two weeks.
Barber said the first week, they worked on getting to their maxes. They did squats on Sunday, bench press on Tuesday and Thursday was deadlift. The following week, they did their maxes to see where they were and how much they could improve.
Barber said talked about her strength in powerlifting.
“It’s been squat, but I think if I keep working, I think deadlift will be my strength,” Barber said.
Barber said her goal for this year to be at her max ability for lifting.
“I’m sure my teammates and coaches can get me to my max,” Barber said.
Last season, Barber finished fifth in the state for the Division II 165-pound weight class, after squatting 235, benching 110 and deadlifting 270 for a 615 total at the state meet.
Franklinton coach John Lambert has plenty of respect for Barber.
Alexa is the type of person whom I want my daughter to emulate,” Lambert said. “She fought through sickness, injury and being the leader of our girls soccer team at the same time she excelled in powerlifting. She sweats excellence and will be a true pillar of any community in which she resides.
“When I think of her, a Herm Edwards quote comes to mind, ‘You don’t get character because you’re successful; you build character because of the hardships you face.’”
Barber is a political science major.


Barber is pictured next to weights.