Rosa helping at YMCA with art

Published 2:50 pm Monday, August 21, 2017

Marcus Rosa has a talent for art, and those who visit the Circuit Training room at the YMCA will get a chance to see it every time they walk in.

Rosa, who is a preacher at Westside Emanuel Baptist Church, said his goal is to brighten up the walls some.

“We’ve go folks in here that are sweating, so the last thing they want to look at is a drab wall,” Rosa said. “So, while they’re working out, let their mind focus on something else like, ‘never give up.’ We’ll have some scripture verses on here as well and just some inspirational quotes after time, so hopefully, when we get it all done, it’ll just be a welcoming environment.”

Rosa got started in art about his sixth-grade year, when he saw somebody doodling on a sheet of paper next to him next to him while living in Alabama.

“I was like, ‘Well man, teach me how to do that,’ so it’s been something I’ve done over time,” Rosa said. “I’ll (decorate) my kids’ notebooks and play around on some walls and some stuff, so that’s how it started.”

Rosa said he definitely enjoys doing the painting.

“I’m just volunteering to do it,” Rosa said. “It’s good stress relief. It’s something that just bides your time. You’re just throwing stuff on a wall. You don’t have to worry about anything else.”

The circuit training room is in the YMCA’s gym and is the place where Ricky Singleton and Brandi Beaudette run circuit training classes throughout the week.

Rosa is one of the students in their classes.

“It’s been a real blessing to us. We’ve got about eight of us from church that come as well and so we’ll all try to get together at different times and do it during the week,” Rosa said. “It gives us time just to get together and fellowship together as a church, but also come out here and enjoy that time.”

Singleton gave Rosa plenty of credit.

“He’s volunteering his time, ability and materials,” Singleton said. “He’s a great representative of Jesus. He’s just in there doing it. He blows my mind as a person. He’s a wonderful human being that’s willing to go the extra mile. He’s a great friend and mentor, and a blessing in our lives.”

Marcus Rosa works hard to make a wall look better in a room at the YMCA where they hold circuit training classes.