Varnado, Bogalusa compete in 7-on-7

Published 2:49 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Varnado, Bogalusa and Tylertown took to the field on July 11 at Varnado on a warm and sunny day to compete in a three-team 7-on-7 competition.
Almost all of the games were 15 minutes with a running clock and were played on a 40-yard field. First and second stringers played throughout.
Varnado posted a 2-2-4 record.
Varnado coach Scott Shaffett said the team uses the summer as part of practice.
“We’re not looking in there to go in there and win or beat this team or beat that team or anything like that. We really go in there to focus and look at us what we do offensively and what we do defensively,” Shaffett said. “That’s what it gives us. It gives us a look at our skill guys. It shows us what skill guys are stepping up and where you’re lacking.
“Defensively, we knew going into this year, defensively we have to replace a lot of guys, so we really want to see how those guys are doing. I did see a lot of progress this summer through those guys, because of 7-on-7.”
Shaffett said he knows his team has big-play capability on offense. He wants to see that his team has ball control and patience, will be able to move the ball down the field and will be able to hit the big plays.
“That’s what I’ve seen a lot today, so going into this year, I really see a lot. I’ve seen a lot of us taking it small plays, making opportunities, staying focused, concentrating and moving the ball down the field and then popping big plays too,” Shaffett said. “Big plays happen and that’s great, but that’s not what’s going to win ballgames. You’ve got to be consistent and I think offensively, we should be consistent. We’ve got everybody coming back. We should be pretty strong offensively.”
Bogalusa got off to tough start, but finished with a 1-2-4 mark on Tuesday.
“At the beginning, I think we were still asleep,” Bogalusa coach David Roberts said. “We didn’t play very enthusiastic. We didn’t have any energy, but we got our stuff together after we got a break and I think we came out in the second half and turned it on really good.”
Roberts said his defense played well all day.
“Couple of blown coverages and we’re trying to put kids at different positions to see what works. We had couple of blown coverages, but yeah, the defense played well,” Roberts said.
Roberts said that at the beginning the offense had a bunch of dropped passes.
“We hurt ourselves and then we got it together at the end,” Roberts said. “Sometimes we’re like that. We’re slow starters, but we finish pretty strong, so I felt we did well in the second part of the 7-on-7s.”
Bogalusa suffered a one touchdown to none loss to Tylertown in the opener. Tylertown scored on the first drive.
Varnado won its first game 1-0 over Bogalusa.
The scoring play came on a pass from James Williams to Desmond Harry.
Bogalusa’s D’Angelo Mark and Varnado’s Armontee Kemp intercepted a pass each.
Varando won the following game, 2-0, over Tylertown. Williams connected with Harry and Kemp on touchdown throws.
Bogalusa and Tylertown played a scoreless contest next. Bogalusa’s Raheem Roberts intercepted a pass on the game’s final possession.
Defenses continued to step up, as Bogalusa and Varnado played a scoreless game. Each unit intercepted a pass.
DeAndrew Foster picked off a pass for the Wildcats and Isaac Carson had an interception for Bogalusa.
Varnado then played Tylertown to a 1-1 tie.
The Wildcats scored on a touchdown pass from Jep Bonnette to KeJuan McCree.
Bogalusa and Tylertown played to a 1-1 tie with Jay Baham connecting with Kentrell Smith.
Varnado and Bogalusa played to a 2-2 tie.
Bogalusa went up 1-0 on a scoring pass from Baham to Deante Lenoir. Varnado tied the game when Williams found Harry. Baham and Lenoir put Bogalusa back in front with a touchdown connection and Varnado retied the contest, 2-2, with Williams hitting Jaccourious Bickham.
Varnado then came up short to Tylertown, 2-1.
Tylertown took a 1-0 lead before the Wildcats tied it up with Williams throwing to Harry for a touchdown. Tylertown scored the winner on the final play.
Bogalusa defeated Tylertown, 2-1.
Josh Taylor threw to Dre’toris Mark for a touchdown to make it 1-0. Mark juked a defender around the 20 and took it the distance to make it 1-0.
Tylertown tied the game and then the Taylor went back to Mark for another touchdown score that proved to be the game winner.
Varnado came up short to Tylertown, 1-0.
Varnado and Bogalusa finished out by playing a scoreless game. Torrence Taylor intercepted a pass on the first possession for Varnado.

Varnado’s Armontee Kemp catches a pass during a 7-on-7 contest that took place July 11 at Varnado.