Ben’s Ford will not have softball in 2017 season

Published 2:43 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ben’s Ford Christian School will not have softball this season.
“We just kind of have a lack of turnout,” Ben’s Ford Christian School athletic director/softball coach Mark McGehee said. “We didn’t have enough girls to have a team. We were looking at have nine or 10 players and some of them were really young (seventh graders).”
McGehee said he wants to have 12 to 14 players on a team.
“You’ve got to have relief pitching,” McGehee said. “You’ve got to have players to come in for players who are injured or sick.”
McGehee said it was a tough decision.
“I hated it. I hated for the older girls that wanted to play, but we’re going to try to pick it back up next season,” McGehee said. “We’ll have some spring tryouts and signups and see if we can pick it back up next year.”
The MAIS softball season runs from late July through early October.