Dauterive wins 5th Milltown Classic in a row

Published 11:09 am Monday, June 5, 2017

Paul Dauterive was victorious for the fifth consecutive time in the Milltown Classic that took place May 27 at Cassidy Park.
Dauterive ran the 5K race in 18 minutes, 33 seconds and won by 2.5 minutes on a humid morning. James Miller was runner up with a time of 21:03, followed by Braxton Lee’s 21:56.
“It was really hot and I’m getting ready for a triathlon next weekend,” Dauterive said, following the race. “I kind of hit it hard this week through training and I kind of used this race as a workout and to kind of guage where I’m at for next week because the run for the triathlon is actually a 5K — so it’s the swim, the bike and a 5K run.”
Dauterive said he it was about where he expected, based on all of the variables.
Dauterive will be competing in the Publix Grandman Triathlon in Fairhope, Ala. on June 3.
Dauterive has local ties to Bogalusa. His great-grandmother Helen Applewhite and grandfather Greg Applewhite are Bogalusa residents. Dauterive graduated from Louisiana Tech last year.
Mignon Kellar was the top female runner. She finished in 29:16.
Chastin Asfour was second in 30:44 and Jamie Grove’s time of 30:59 was third.
Nester Anzola took home the top male walker award after a time of 34:40.
Melissa Weintritt was the top female walker with a time of 36:21.
Wendy Williams’ 44:17 was second and Christa Seal ran a 49:31 for third.
About 45 people competed in the 21st annual event. The Milltown Classic helps benefit the Rotary Club.
Rotary Club President Rev. Bill Moon said this is one of the club’s major fundraisers.
“Because we do this, we’re able to do the things we do with scholarships and other activities throughout the year,” Moon said. “Everything we earn through this race and our other fundraisers, we give back to the community and beyond.”
Moon said things went really well.
“We went back to a route that we had used previously,” Moon said. “The weather was great. It wasn’t raining. It was overcast, a little humid, but that’s to be expected. There were no accidents, injuries and all of that kind of stuff, so the day went really well.”
Besides the overall awards, awards were handed out for age groups 1-18 and then every 10 years starting at 19-29.
In the males, Renny Lambert was victorious in the 1-18s after a 38:23.
Ethan Stringer, who had a 45:19, was runner-up.
Mark Richard was the 19-29s winner after finishing fourth overall and running a 22:21.
Steven Simmons was second in the age group and fifth overall with a 23:35 and Jeremy Passago’s 23:54 was third. He was sixth overall.
Sharif Asfour captured the 30-39s with a time of 33:06.
Ross Lambert took second in 39:52.
John Webb was the top runner in the 40-49s at 32:30.
Barry Jones was just five seconds behind for second.
Mark Kellar won the 50-59s in 24:52. Kellar finished seventh overall.
William Burris was the 60-69 winner at 27:18. He was ninth overall.
Joseph Tosterud ran a 35:55 for second.
Gary Rushing topped the 70-older after a 35:15.
Also coming in the top 10 were Jason Creel and Christian Colonna. Creel was seventh in 26:27 and Colonna finished 10th in 28:17.
In the female awards for age groups, Brooklyn Ezell won the 1-18s after finishing in 1 hour, 2 minutes.
Baylie Williams was second.
Megan Passaro topped the 19-29s in 31:30.
Rebecca Asfour was second at 33:06 and Amber Knight came in third with a time of 36:46.
Sara Stewart won the 30-39s in 32:14.
Kristal Provost was second in 35:21 and Sara Sandifer took third at 52:37.
Shanda Gibson topped the 40-49s in 36:48.
Cherie Gibbs was runner up in 38:13 and Ericke Polk took third at 45:19.
Linda Scroggs won the 50-59s in 49:10.
Karisan Lott was the 60-69 winner in 39:21.
Jeanette Parker won the 70-older group at 39:48.

Mignon Kellar crosses the finish line at the Milltown Classic. She was the top female runner for the 5K run/walk that took place May 27 at Cassidy Park.

Mignon Kellar is shown with her trophy for winning the Milltown Classic

Paul Dauterive is pictured with his trophy for winning the Milltown Classic.

Paul Dauterive is pictured in the main photo crossing the finish line at the Milltown Classic.