Varnado hosted parish junior high tourney

Published 2:55 pm Monday, March 13, 2017

The Washington Parish Junior High School Tournament took place in late January at Varnado High School.
Varnado Junior High’s seventh and eighth grade boys teams along with Pine Junior High’s seventh and eighth grade girls teams were victorious. Coming in second place for boys were Pine Junior High’s seventh grade team and Franklinton Junior High’s eighth grade team.
For the girls, Varnado Junior High was second place for the seventh and eighth grade teams.

Varnado Junior High seventh-grade boys

Pine Junior High seventh-grade girls

Pine Junior High eighth-grade girls

Varnado Junior High eighth-grade boys

Franklinton Junior High eighth-grade boys

Pine junior high seventh-grade boys

Varnado junior high eighth-grade girls

Varnado junior high seventh-grade girls