Knight shines at end of contest

Published 11:19 am Monday, January 23, 2017

Lopsided games happen for many reasons, but the one positive is that it often gives players that don’t get much playing time a chance to get in the game.
In Tuesday’s District 10-2A opener between Pine and Northlake Christian School, the host Wolverines had a big lead and it was late in the game.
With about 2:30 left in the game, Pine coach Drew Meyerchick sent Bryson Knight into the game.
Knight has a disability from a car accident he was in when he was 6 months old.
It was his chance to showcase his talent and Northlake Christian was willing to give him the opportunity. The Wolverines gave Pine the ball to allow Knight to get some shots off and Knight did not disappoint.
“First of all, credit goes to the coach from Northlake (Matt McCune). That’s a pure class act by all means,” Meyerchick said. “Bryson is a kid that comes to every practice, understanding that his opportunities are limited obviously, but the kid gives everything. He’s always smiling. Regardless of the situation, the kid always smiles. I love him to death.
“I’ve got him in one of my classes. You can’t catch him in a bad mood. He’s an incredible kid and for their coach to step up and do that — it’s one thing to say class act, but what he did, it shows an appreciation for the game and it shows that there are good people out there regardless of what the world’s come to at this point in time.
“That made my heart happy as much as I can say, especially with everything going on with me and being a tough game like it was, it really made me happy to see that. Bryson Knight deserved that.”
Knight missed his first couple attempts, but then hit a 3-pointer with 1:14 left, much to the delight of everyone in the gym. Knight also hit a 2-pointer with about 40 seconds left and he capped off his night with a layup with eight seconds left.
Knight finished with seven points.
Knight said it was great getting in.
“I got in and I got to play,” Knight said. “I was able to get out there and help the team go from losing from about 30 to 25.”
Northlake Christian won the game, 67-42, but Wolverines coach Matt McCune said what happened at the end of the game was bigger than a mere score.
“The referee kind of gave me a heads up as to what the situation was. What happened at the end of the game was bigger than the game,” McCune said Wednesday. “I called timeout, told their coach to draw up a play and we’d make it work. Seeing his reaction, his teammates reaction, my kids’ reaction and the fans reaction from both teams, they were all about it.
“You see stuff like that on TV and I was just happy we could make that kid’s life a little better. He came out and missed a couple of shots, but we let him get some shots up. We were just happy to be part of it. Today, obviously we’re happy about the result of the game we played, but the first thing people talked about was that kid (Knight).”