Alleged conman in jail after stealing from area woman

Published 11:10 am Monday, November 7, 2016

A Mississippi man is in jail for allegedly defrauding an elderly Washington Parish woman.

Recently an elderly Washington Parish woman reported to the sheriff’s office that she had been defrauded by a male and female she met at a Washington Parish flea market.

While at the flea market, the victim met a male and female who expressed interest in purchasing furniture she had for sale. The male and female came to the victim’s house to look at the furniture, and once they were inside they engaged the victim in conversation. During the conversation, they asked permission to use the victim’s bathroom. While the female supposedly went to the bathroom, the male engaged the victim in conversation about her dog, allegedly to detract the victim while the female had access to the rest of the house. The couple soon left without purchasing any furniture.

After the couple left her house, the victim realized her bank card was missing, and the following day $590 was charged to her card. Washington Parish detectives were able to trace the fraudulent transaction to a business in Marion County in Mississippi, where the card was used to purchase stereo speakers. Through their investigation in Marion County, detectives were able to identify the user of the card as Emmanuel Hatcher, 37, a resident of Sandy Hook, Miss.

Detectives were able to locate and question Hatcher. When confronted with the details of the crime, Hatcher confessed. He was arrested for those crimes along with outstanding warrants. Hatcher was placed in the Washington Parish Jail charged with two counts of issuing worthless checks, contempt of court, fraudulent acquisition of a credit card and theft of assets from the aged. He remains in jail with his bond set at $12,550.

Detectives have been able to identify Hatcher’s female accomplice and are in the process of obtaining warrants for her arrest.

“This is a good example of why we should never allow any person to come into our house unless we know them,” said Sheriff Randy Seal. “Don’t be deceived by smooth talkers and always be wary of strangers. Know someone before you do business with them. There are plenty of con men just like Emmanuel Hatcher who will tell you anything in an effort to gain access to your house or your assets. Stay on alert and always call the sheriff’s office if you believe you have been victimized.”