Deputies cite 17 juveniles for underage drinking at fair

Published 1:25 pm Monday, October 24, 2016

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s deputies issued underage drinking citations to 17 juveniles on Oct. 19, first night of the Washington Parish Free Fair.

Two evenings later, on October 21, deputies once again made an effort to identify underage drinkers. None were identified that evening.

“Underage drinking can produce very negative consequences, including car accidents, inappropriate behavior and alcohol poisoning,” said Sheriff Randy Seal. “I am pleased our office was able to utilize the resources of the grant to identify underage drinkers at the fair. Obviously, word of our activity was spread after the first night of enforcement since no other underage drinkers were spotted during the second night. That is good.”

The crackdown was dependent on resources from a Louisiana Highway Traffic Safety grant for Juvenile Underage Drinking Enforcement.

Underage drinking is covered in Louisiana Revised Statute 14:93.12 which states, “It is unlawful for any person under twenty-one years of age to purchase or have public possession of any alcoholic beverage…Any person apprehended while violating the provisions of this Section shall be issued a citation by the apprehending law enforcement officer, which shall be paid in the same manner as provided for he offenders of local traffic violations.”

The fine for violators of the statute “shall be fined not more than $100.”

All issued citations have been forwarded to the Office of District Attorney for disposition.