New rental housing may be coming

Published 10:07 am Monday, September 5, 2016

The Louisiana Housing Corporation is preparing to request money from the New Orleans HUD offices to build new rental units in Bogalusa.

It’s not clear when the projected homes might be ready for occupancy, but the LHC will request the funds sometime mid-September.

According to Sarah Mulhearn, communications director for the LHC, the new units will be four duplexes built on five vacant lots scattered within the city.

Those lots are at 1889 and 1890 Adams St., 626 Villery St. 1167 Jackson St. and 229 Claiborne St.

Mulhearn said, “Each unit will provide approximately 1,200 square feet of living area consisting of three bedrooms and two baths.”

The developments are expected to target individuals who fall within the 40-percent to 60-percent income group.

“The housing development will improve the neighborhood and expand the affordable housing options available to the residents of Bogalusa,” she said.

The project is estimated to cost nearly $750,000, and the development project is titled the Terrance Street Development.