Adventure camp at YMCA had many activities for participants

Published 7:03 am Saturday, July 30, 2016

The YMCA on Avenue B held its adventure camp this week and gave the participants an opportunity to do plenty over a week’s worth of time.

“We are doing some ascending and repelling. We’ve done arts-and-crafts, swimming, swim lessons and there (was) an overnight campout,” camp director Toni St. Philip said.

The campout featured events like a pizza party, late night swim and several games. The fun continued into the camp the following day.

On Wednesday afternoon, the participants worked with karate instructor Stacy Busby.

He talked to them about setting goals and he wanted them to work on discipline, hand-to-eye coordination, focus and concentration. As a fun way to show them these attributes, Busby had the kids work doing different drills with the nunchucks, such as holding one in one hand and using that hand to flip the other one into that hand.

Busby taught them how to properly handle the nunchucks and how to hand them to someone.

Busby, who is a sixth-degree international master instructor, made clear to the campers that nunchucks are not something to play with.

“They’re something to help you train, to help work your hand-to-eye coordination and focus,” Busby said.

The YMCA has had several camps this summer and this was the last one.

The clinic had 21 participants.