Park road gets new sealant

Published 6:50 am Friday, July 29, 2016

Parks and Recreation Director Landon Tims announced a bit of good news Thursday.

He said the department had some extra money after it wrapped up repairs on the roadway in Cassidy Park, and that money was spent on sealing older portions of the roadway.

Much of the roadway was torn apart by the March floods, and the road has only recently been repaired. However, the hot seal will help keep the old road in shape.

“We’re just trying to make the life of the older asphalt stretch out more,” said Tims.

Though work is winding down in Cassidy Park, Tims said city crews are still touching up a few things. Recent heavy rains have helped, he said, because the city has been able to identify low spots in the park that need to be filled in.

Besides that, city workers also recently planted grass seed.

“All the places where the sand has washed in, and al the places where the construction work had been going on, we went with grass seed,” Tims said. “It was a cheaper alterative than sod.”

The rain helped, as well.

“If the rain keeps up it should grow like crazy,” Tims said.

The park has been closed since the March 11 flooding, and Tims said he doesn’t know when it will be open again. The grass will need to take root and Tims said a large hole toward the back of the park still needs to be filled in.

“The playground is not yet complete,” he said. “There’s still a big hole there.”

However, that’s the last of the holes.

“I think that’s one last thing we have to finish,” Tims said, though he couldn’t give a date for completion. “I mean, we’re close. We’re really close. It’s just putting these finishing touches on it.”