Meet features good competition, raises funds for BHS program

Published 8:24 am Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bogalusa High School’s track and field teams are attempting to upgrade their program, and on Thursday, they mixed in fun while raising money at the same time.

The team hosted the first annual “May Day Track & Field Meet” at Lewis V. Murray Jr. Stadium, for schools in Bogalusa.

Bogalusa coach Eddie Walker said the team is trying to raise funds for new equipment and other needs.

“We’re hoping that this will be enough money raised for uniforms, for transportation and for banquets and things of that nature,” Walker said.

The meet, which featured about 200 competitors, was open for those in first grade through sixth grade from Bogalusa, Northshore Charter School, Annunciation Catholic School, Ben’s Ford Christian School, Byrd Avenue Elementary School and Central Elementary School. Each school was represented.

Schools that brought the most students received special awards.

“We thank the administrators from the different schools and chaperones that came over with the children to see that they were protected, had a great meet and a great time,” Walker said.

Ben’s Ford had the most with about 85 and Central was second with about 70.

Bogalusa athletic director Ken Martin praised Walker on the event’s success.

“Coach Walker has done a great job in organizing this event for the entire community,” he said.

Martin said BHS was glad that all of the elementary schools in the area participated.

“We’re excited about it,” Martin said. “It’s something good for the city. It’s something good for the parish and we’re just excited and coach Walker deserves all of the credit for organizing it on behalf of the Bogalusa High School track team.”

The meet featured some good competition.

Here are the top three finishers from each event

Boys first and second grade

• Long jump — Sam Talley, BFCS, first, 7-9; Spencer Watkins, BFCS, second, 6-9; Jacob Cotton, BFCS, third, 6-8.

• Softball — Donald Rich, NCS, first, 90-2; Dyren Brown, Byrd, 71-6; Spencer Watkins, BFCS, third, 66-6.

• 200 — Erinn Henry, NCS, first, 32.6; Beau Boudreaux, BFCS, second, 35.0; Spencer Watkins, BFCS, third, 36.1.

• 50 — Dyren Brown, Byrd, first, 8.2; Donald Rich, NCS, second, 8.8; Jaece Bickham, BFCS, third, 9-0.

Boys third and fourth grade

• 200 — Micah Wascom, BFCS, first, 35.0; Brandon Slaughter, BFCS, second, 35.2; Colton Gibson, BFCS, third, 35.7.

• Long jump — Kaden Brumfield, NCS, first, 11-4; Logan McCain, BFCS, second, 10-2; John Williams, BFCS, third, 9-0.

• 800 — Lance Jackson, Central, first, 3:11; James Owens, Central, second, 3:14; Chad Ladner, Central, third, 3:32.

• Shot put — Micah Wascom, BFCS, first, 26-3; Chase Nichols, Central, second, 23-9; Trevor Bennett, BFCS, third, 22-5.

•100 — Kaden Brumfield, NCS, first, 14.3; Micah Wascom, BFCS, second, 15.06; Michael Burton, Central, third, 15.09.

Boys fifth and sixth grade

• Long jump — Haiker Thompson, Central, first, 14-8; Daylon Jackson, NCS, second, 14-2; Jonah Holston, BFCS, third, 11-3.

• 100 — Talik Williams, Central, first, 13.94; Xavier Adams, BFCS, second, 13.95; Haiker Thompson, Central, third, 14.0.

• Shot put — Ethan Norwood, BFCS, first; Brent Duncan, BFCS, second; Xavier Adams, BFCS, third.

• 200 — Jahee Roberts, Bogalusa Jr. High, first, 31.21; Alijah McLemore, Bogalusa Junior High, second, 32.21; Jordan Adams, BFCS, third, 40.57.

Girls first and second grade

• Softball — Chasity Ford, Byrd, first, 49-10; Chasidy Brock, Byrd, second, 47-7; Caitlyn Price, Byrd, third, 46-8.

• 200 — Caitlyn Price, Byrd, first, 34-6; Amya Dyson, Byrd, second, 35-4; Malia Morris, Byrd, third, 36-8.

• 50 — Kayliyah Collins, BFCS, first, 7.9; Caitlyn Price, Byrd, second, 8.0; Elizabeth Seal, Byrd, third, 9.1.

Girls third and fourth grade

• 200 — Tamara Miller, BFCS, first, 35.6; Akira Roberts, NCS, second, 36-0; Tamiya Crumedy, Central, third, 36.6.

• Long jump — Akira Brown, NCS, first, 10-5; Claire Wascom, BFCS, second, 9-8; Ashley Dantin, BFCS, third, 8-10.

• 800 — Claire Wascom, BFCS, first, 3:29; Hannah Grosche, BFCS, second, 3:35; Lillian Bell, BFCS, third, 3:40.

• Shot put — Mary Robertson, NCS, first, 15-8; Kaley Moore, BFCS, second, 15-2; Tyasia Toussaint, Central, third, 14-5.

• 100 — Akira Roberts, NCS, first, 15.2; Ashlyn Denham, BFCS, second, 15.32; Zoe Nastasi, BFCS, third, 15.38.

Girls fifth and sixth grade

• Shot put — Heaven Miller, NCS, first, 19-7; Jayla Jefferson, BFCS, second, 17-5; Natalie Seal, BFCS, third, 16-4.

• Long jump — Khrystian Scott, Bogalusa Junior High, first, 13-5; Balasia Magee, Central, second, 12-3; Caitlyn Holloway, Central, third, 10-10.

• 100 — Khrystian Scott, Bogalusa Junior High, first, 12.7; Ta’Kyla Collins, BFCS, second, 15.40; Ashantiera Crumedy; Central, third, 15.46.

• 200 — Khrystian Scott, Bogalusa Junior High, first, 28.9; Ta’Kyla Collins, BFCS, second, 31.3; Shavontae Simms, Bogalusa Junior High, third, 35.2.