BHS cadets excel at drill event

Published 2:47 am Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bogalusa High School’s JROTC drill team had a strong performance at the Fontainebleau High School Drill Competition on Saturday, Jan. 23.

The drill team is a team of cadets who exemplify the traits of discipline, teamwork and leadership skills learned in the JROTC program. The team performs at various JROTC competitions in the state and region. When they participate in local competitions, they exhibit as much pride in their school as other varsity team sports.

The JROTC drill team is a way for the program to generate positive publicity, create interest and maintain high morale in the JROTC program. The cadets successfully perform these events with pride, honor and precision while simultaneously balancing their core class schedule and workload.

Events at the Fontainebleau competition included Armed Regulation and Exhibition, Unarmed Regulation and Exhibition, Color Guard, Physical Fitness Test and Knock out Drill.

The Lumberjack Drill Team placed second overall in all events. The Physical Fitness Team placed first overall, with two cadets, Cadet/Staff Sergeant Terry Owens and Cadet/Sergeant Pasquale Lavorgna, placing first overall in their respective age categories. The Physical Fitness Test consisted of push-ups, curl-ups and a one-mile run.

The Unarmed Regulation Team placed third, commanded by Cadet/First Sergeant Nicholas Meyers. The Unarmed Exhibition Team placed second, commanded by Cadet/First Sergeant Heather Breland. The Armed Regulation Team, commanded by Cadet/Lieutenant Colonel David Duong and the Armed Exhibition Team, commanded by Cadet/Staff Sergeant Blake Grant, both placed first overall respectively.

The Color Guard Teams, composed of male and female cadets, placed second overall. Commanding the male color guard was Cadet/Captain Gregory Chalfant and the female color guard was commanded by Cadet/Sergeant Ji’Mia Morris.

During the last event of the day, a Knock out Drill was conducted to determine the top three cadets of all schools in military facing movements and military bearing.

Cadet/Private First Class Charvo Myers placed first overall, and Cadet/Private First Class Robert Williams placed second.