‘BHS closing’ rumors untrue

Published 1:37 am Saturday, November 7, 2015

Contrary to what Thursday’s out-of-state callers to The Daily News might have heard, Bogalusa High School is not closing down.

It appears the callers were confused about the school letting out early at noon on Friday, so buses could be used to transport the football team and auxiliary personnel to New Orleans for a 7 p.m. game against Holy Cross High School at Pan American Stadium.

Bogalusa School System Superintendent Willie “Toni” Breaux simply scoffed at the notion of the school shutting down.

“That is absolutely not true,” Breaux said Friday morning of the rumored closing. “We’re letting out at noon so the buses can pick up the kids at noon. There is no way to pick up all the kids at the regular time and then make it in time for the game.”

Bogalusa School System Board President Curtis Creel snickered when he first heard the rumor.

“As president of the board, at the request of the superintendent I approved a half day to utilize the system’s buses to transport the football team to the Holy Cross game on Friday,” Creel said. “We’re trying to conserve money on travel expenses. We also wanted to give those who planned to attend the game the opportunity to get there on time. “

Creel blamed social media for much of the district’s bad publicity.

“Those are the naysayers who can’t think of anything but in a negative way,” Creel said. “Most of them don’t even have a child in the school system, because I know most of them. As far as Bogalusa High School shutting down, you can erase that rumor.”