Pine victorious in overtime

Published 12:33 am Saturday, October 17, 2015

By John Glover


Pine’s Raiders won their first game of 2015 with a 27-20 victory over Springfield at home Friday night.

The Bulldogs (1-6, 0-4) received first with the kick from Colton Terrell. Demariae Claiborne led the Bulldogs in a 9-play drive. The Raiders defense held at the 16-yard line forcing Springfield to attempt a field goal. Steven Johnson’s kick was good to put the Bulldogs on the board at 3-0.

The Raiders tried to respond, but the Bulldog defense held strong and forced Pine to punt from the Bulldogs 48.
Back in possession, the Bulldogs tried a long slow drive lasting into the second quarter towards the Raiders in end zone. Pine’s defense held them at the 12. Johnson came back out to attempt a second field goal, but it went wide left.

The Raiders back in possession made an 11-play push. Adarrius Berry pushed through the Bulldogs’ defense in five of those plays. Jarwin Jordan also stepped up with three runs of his own. It was a quarterback keep by Seal from the six, which put the Raiders on the board. Terrell attempted the extra point kick but it went wide, but Pine was in front, 6-3.

The Bulldogs pushed back down field with a quick five-play charge from their own 31. The charge was halted by Jakyran Handy, who intercepted a pass. The Raiders possession was short lived. Seals’ handoff to Berry was fumbled and recovered by Lorenza Robertson and returned for a Bulldog touchdown. Johnson again missed the kick in the first half ended with the score 10-6 Springfield.
The Raiders took advantage of their starting possession second half with a 10-play charge downfield. Seal relied heavily on Delvric Dillon’s speed along the outside in four of those plays. From the Bulldogs’ 23-yard line Seals opted for the quarterback keep, found a hole in the Bulldogs the defense and broke through for the second touchdown for the Raiders. The Raiders attempted a 2-point conversion but we’re not successful. Pine led 12-10.
The Bulldogs responded with a quick charge and touchdown of their own. After six play push, Claiborne handed off to William Barnett from the Raiders’ 4-yard line and Barnett was able to push through the Raiders defense for the score. Johnson’s extra point was good and Springfield was up 17-12.
The fourth quarter saw both the Raiders and the Bulldogs trading drives into each other’s territory. With seven minutes left, the Raiders took possession at the Bulldogs’ 25. A handoff from Seals to Dillon moved the Raiders to the 13. A second handoff by Seal, this time to Jarwin Jordan, broke through the Bulldog defense for another touchdown. Seal and the Raiders attempted a 2-point conversion this time with a handoff to Dillon and he was good for two to make it 20-17.

Claiborne and his Bulldogs went back downfield on a slow drive, but the Raiders defense held them hard. With 12 seconds left, Steven Johnson made a field goal, tying the score at 20-20 and sending the contest into overtime.
Pine won the toss and got first possession at the 10-yard line, first-and-goal. On the third down Seal made a pass to Dillon from the 8 for the touchdown. Terrell made the extra point kick. The Springfield Bulldogs took possession at the 10. On the fourth down Claiborne attempted to pass to Robertson, but it knocked down in the end zone by Chris Gordon, capping the 27-20 win.