Pine’s 1st team defense allows just 2 TDs in scrimmage

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pine’s fans got their first chance to see the Raiders in action Thursday night at Pine against Jewel Sumner.
The teams began by running a series of plays offensively and defensively. The freshmen came out and ran eight plays before the first team had 12 and the second team had 10.
Then the first team went back on the field for 10 plays before the second-team players went for eight more.
The teams wrapped things up with a 10-minute period that featured a running clock.
Pine was unable to tally. The Raiders nearly scored on a 50-yard run but fumbled at the 1. The ball went through the end zone for a touchback.
Defensively, Jewel Sumner’s first team scored twice on a pair of long runs.
“I was happy with the way the defense played,” Pine coach Bradley Seal said. “We gave up two long runs, but overall the defense played well. Offensively, we made too many mental mistakes, which is to be expected in a scrimmage. We just have to clean those up.”
Seal said he liked the way Jordan ran Thursday on offense, and defensively, Seal praised his outside linebackers and safety Spencer Hunt.

 Pine's Spencer Hunt

Pine’s Spencer Hunt

Also, Colby Powell recorded a pair of sacks for the Raiders.
“We liked the way Jarwin Jordan ran the ball. He had a 50-yard run that he fumbled on, but he also had some 10-yard runs. Defensively, our outside linebackers played well, and Spencer Hunt played good too,” Seal said. “I thought outside linebackers did a good job of containing their sweeps, and Spencer made a lot of tackles all night long.”
Up next for Pine is the jamboree Friday. The Raiders play against Albany at Live Oak. Kickoff is 6:20 p.m.