Illegal sought by Sheriff’s Office caught

Published 10:15 am Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After approximately a month on the run, an illegal immigrant wanted for aggravated rape in Washington Parish, was located and arrested Sunday at the dairy barn where he was working at in Marion County, Miss.

Luis Enrique Garcia Madera, 22, is currently in the Marion County Jail pending extradition to Washington Parish. He is an illegal immigrant from Campeche, Mexico, who has been in the United States for approximately a year.

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office lead investigator in the case, Capt. Tommie Sorrell, said Madera offered no resistance when Marion County authorities swooped down on the barn Sunday morning when he reported for work.

Madera was recently featured on the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office “Most Wanted” website, which ultimately led to his arrest.

“Marion County authorities contacted me Saturday and said they had a Mexican show up, and his credentials didn’t match his ID papers,” Sorrell said. “He identified himself as somebody else. His papers were obviously falsified. He has been positively identified as the person we’re looking for.”

Sorrell said Madera vanished from Washington Parish after he learned of the investigation against him and before she had the opportunity to interview him about the case. He was known to be living in Franklinton.

Sorrell said the arrest went flawlessly, and Madera offered no resistance.

She said the barn owner cooperated with authorities and is not facing charges.

“The barn owner was not aware Madera was wanted until we contacted him the day before,” Sorrell said. “We told him Madera was the subject of our investigation, and he was cooperative.”

Sorrell said two immigration agencies were involved with the case. She said those agencies were the second option to find Madera.

“The first option came through,” Sorrell said. “The case is pretty much complete. I’d still like the opportunity to talk to him and get his side of the story. In my opinion, the case is not closed until he’s convicted.”