Mt. Hermon’s Smith hits 3 homers in Power Showcase

Published 8:51 am Monday, January 12, 2015

Mt. Hermon senior Devin Smith hit three home runs in the ninth annual Power Showcase, which took place Dec. 30 at Marlins Park, the homefield of the Miami Marlins.

Each player was given 20 outs. They got five outs using a wooden bat and 15 with metal, as the roof was open on a sunsplashed day.

Smith said the ball carried better this year.

“There wasn’t as much wind,” Smith said. “The ball was flying off of everybody’s bat.”

In home run derby competition, an out is any swing that is not a homer.

Last year, the switch hitter was unable to hit any.

He said this year’s experience was way better.

“When I hit my first home run, my nerves settled down and I got into a groove,” Smith said.

His first homer came with four outs and went 390 feet. All three of his homers went to left centerfield.

His longest home run was measured at 460 feet. Smith said he was at seven or eight outs when he hit it.

“When I hit my longest home run, I saw the ball leave the stadium, it was remarkable,” Smith said.

Smith also took the opportunity to play in the showcase game at Marlins Park and went 1-for-2. Smith’s line drive to right center drove in a run.

His team lost, 5-4.

The game featured a triple-A umpiring crew.

Smith said the game give you more of a Major League Baseball experience.

“It makes you strive to do your best because you don’t that to be your last game in that stadium,” Smith said.

Smith said they treated them like Major League players.

“They fed us, they brought us drinks and they made sure we had everything we needed,” Smith said.

After the Power Showcase, Smith headed to Fort Myers, Fla., for a Perfect Game Showcase.

“They had almost 200 kids from all over the world,” Smith said. “We won both of our games. I got to hit. I hit well both sides of the plate.”

They won the games, 2-1 and 8-2. Smith finished 3-for-5.

“I feel like I swung it pretty well,” Smith said. “I could’ve done better, but we were using wood bats, so it gave us more of a major league feel.”

Besides his success on the field, Smith has also done well in the classroom. Smith has a 4.0 grade point average.