Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival first 5K a success

Published 2:39 pm Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Runners took their mark in the first Bogalusa Blues Heritage Festival 5K Sept. 27 at Cassidy Park.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better first race for the BBHF,” said Suzie Pittman, who helped coordinate the event. “It was a complete success because of the support of the participants. They were all so enthusiastic and fun.  The course, venue and perfect weather all added to the overall first-class experience we strived for from the beginning.”

Pittman said she cannot say enough good things about the Bogalusa High School JROTC guys and girls, who worked tirelessly all day.

“They made themselves available from well before race time to help in any way we asked,” Pittman said. “They helped in race set up as well as directing runners during the race.  They also helped throughout the park for the entire festival.

About 150 participants took part. The group awarded 75 medals and seven posters.

Josh Smith was the overall male winner, running the 3.1 miles in a time of 21:16. Dominique Meekers finished runner up, missing the top spot by 11 seconds. Mark Kellar was third at 23:07.

Cassie Lane was the female winner at 25:45, beating Kelly Ballard by five seconds. Jennifer Pope was third at 26:20.

Switching to the walkers, Lorrie Ortega won the overall among the walkers, coming in at 39:11. Beth Witsell was second at 43-minutes, followed by Lorraine Branch in 43:51.

The men’s division had a tie at the top. Richard Kellar and Dr. Hossein Tabari both recorded times of 44:45 with Yonglan Chan coming in second at 48-minutes. Robert Hunt was third, posting a time of 51:32.

The event also awarded medals by age groups.

Ian Pittman captured the under-12 male division, while Terry Owen and Nicholas Myers were the top two respectively in the 13-15s. Polanski Warren won the male 16-20s, followed by Gregory Chalfane and Justin Mixon.

Stephen Adams topped the 21-25s with James Turner, Daniel Murray and David Carpenter taking the top three spots for the 26-30s.

In the 31-35s, Nate Murray won, Josh Hammond was second and Michael Keen was third.

Levi Neal bested the 36-40s, while Jodi Pittman took the 41-45s, Jonathan Chaisson was second and Scott Pope was third.

Peter Gonzales was fastest in the 46-50s, Bill Kropog was runner-up, and Michael Thomas was third.

John Clayton and Dave Olson ran first, and second, respectively in the 51-55s, while Albert Ortega, Glenn Wofford and Ted Smith were the top three, respectivelym in the 56-60s.

Joe Tosterud was the best in the 66-70s division.

In the female age groups, Ashlyn Dantin captured the under-12 division, followed by Chastin Asfour and Laken Culpepper.

Katelyn Capo won the 16-20s, followed by Kristian Capo and Krystal Graham.

Olivia Hartzog topped the 21-25s with Kailynn Castleberry second and Alaina Rayborn third.

In the 26-30s, Laura Dantin won the group, followed by Carrie Holden and Sara Stewart.

Kristine Harper was victorious in the 31-35s, followed by Candice Davis and Kayce Cummings.

Holly Neal won the 36-40s with Jennifer Burdette and Ragan Burt occupying the next two spots.

Susan Fendalson was best in the 41-45s, followed by Amanda Terrell. Lamanda Taylor and Hope Williams finished tied for third.

In the 46-50s, Mignon Kellar won with Karen Young and Patti Foucha running second-and-third.

Phyllis Lacour and Linda Kellar tied for the top spot in the 51-55s with Linda Scroggs and Colleen Fisher the next two finishers.

Pam Templeton was the 56-60 age group winner, with Sheryl Smith and Connie Morgan runner-up and third place.

Jeanette Parker won the 66-70s.