Bogalusa Schools honors retirees

Published 10:59 am Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bogalusa School Board President Adam Kemp recognized 19 school staff members who retired this school year and read a proclamation of appreciation for former Superintendent Greg Genco, who recently passed away, during Thursday’s regular board meeting.

Genco served as school board president from Jan. 1, 2002, to Dec. 31, 2004.

“The Board honors Samuel Gregory Genco, who had over 23 years of service in the system,” the proclamation read. “The School System honors and remembers Gregory Genco.”

Among the retirees, Food Service employee Diane Matthews, with 37 years service, was the longest-serving. Other retirees included Linda Johnson, Mary Jenkins, Lois Adams, Anita Morris, Jeanette Wheat, Olevia Riley, Allen Little, Sara Rayburn, Joyce Irvine, Cathy Mitchell, Diane Jefferson, Joan Rushing, Joannie Miller, Mildred Williams, Alvin Burt, Betty Brumfield, Gail Barnwell and Janell McGee.

“We do appreciate everything you’ve done for our system to continue to help our system move forward,” Kemp said.

In business matters, the board approved 2014 millages to the 2014 tax rolls on all property subject to taxation by the Bogalusa School System.

Support for construction, maintaining, operating and improving public and elementary schools was 22.060 mills; salaries and benefits for personnel, 12 mills; Constitutional tax, 6.430 mills; improving, maintaining and operating schools, 3.110 mills; maintenance and operations, 5.020 mills; and support for current operations of public and elementary schools, 6.430 mills.

Also, the board approved a revised dress code for Child Nutrition employees. The workers will no longer be permitted to wear false eyelashes.

The School Board approved the district’s Pupil Progression Plan. The plan outlined what students must do in order to be promoted to the next grade level.

Also approved was the school system’s Alternative Education Program. The program is for student with behavioral and/or academic problems. There are 78 such students in the school system.

The board granted permission for the “Walk With Me” program to use classrooms at Northside Community Resource Center. The program’s purpose states that it looks to provide community outreach to individuals who lack the support systems to achieve success. The program will utilize two classrooms at Northside.

Lastly, the board approved a half-day of classes for students on Sept. 26. The purpose of the half day is so district educators can participate in a group introductory session since none was held prior to the start of the school year, as is customary.

In her report, Human Resources Supervisor Karla McGehee noted the 15-day student count was 1,730.