Bogalusa and Varnado battle in scrimmage Wednesday

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bogalusa and Varnado are competing against each other in a scrimmage today evening at 5 p.m., at Lewis V. Murray Jr. as the teams continue to get ready for the 2014 regular season, which begins in two weeks.

The scrimmage was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but was pushed up because the officials have a meeting they need to attend Thursday.

No format had been set up by yesterday’s press time.

The scrimmage is an opportunity to for coaches to see where their teams stack up against somebody wearing a different uniform and running a different style. These clubs run completely different types of offenses, as Bogalusa uses a spread and Varnado operates out of a wing-T.

Bogalusa enters this season after reaching the playoffs, but the Lumberjacks, who were seeded No. 27, lost in the opening round to sixth seeded Richwood after a 4-6 regular season.

Bogalusa coach Craig Jones said his team is just looking to get better as a team during the scrimmage.

For Varnado, the Wildcats had a 2-8 regular season and went to the postseason before falling 35-20 against Arcadia.

Wildcats coach Scott Shaffett said the scrimmage would give them a chance to find out where their mistakes are and who is ready to step up in each position.

We’ve got battles going on at every position,” Shaffett said. “It’s an opportunity to learn and eliminate mistakes early in the season. It’s a chance to go against somebody else and find out where our mistakes are in live action.”

Shaffett said the biggest thing for them is t see how mature guys are and they want to see if they can eliminate mistakes they’ve had in previous years like penalties and turnovers.

“We’re just looking to see if we can eliminate tings that have haunted us in the past,” Shaffett said. “One of the things we’ve emphasized in past years is ball security. We’re not going out there to necessarily win a game because it doesn’t count, but this will be a good test to see where we are before week one of the season.”

Admission is $5. Both teams are in jamborees next week. Bogalusa is traveling to Mandeville for a jamboree next Friday. Varnado is hosting a jamboree Thursday.