Bowling Green Bucs baseball program getting a field house

Published 9:54 am Monday, August 18, 2014

Bowling Green’s baseball team is in the beginning stages of getting a new field house.

“We got approved to build a 700-square foot baseball field house,” Buccaneers coach Hutch Gonzales said. “It’ll be the first time (Bowling Green) baseball has ever had its own locker room or field house in the history of the school, so it’ll be nice.”

Gonzales said the locker room area will be about 500-square feet, with between 15 and 25 lockers.

The field house is being built behind Bowling Green’s third base dugout, which will allow players easy access to it during games, practices and rain delays.

The goal is to have it completed in about three months.

Gonzales said the field house is very important.

He said the boys have never really had anything to call their own.

“It’ll be really important for them to have someplace to go to and have their own space to kind of get away if they need to during baseball season or even in the offseason.”

Gonzales said his team is excited about it.

“They’ve actually volunteered their services as much as possible,” Gonzales said. “I’ve had them out there a few different weekends digging and all of that good stuff, but they’re excited. I think they’re more excited about it than I am.”

When asked about how it came about, he said they said it was a need they needed to address.

“It was something that we wanted, but I think it was bigger than that, it was a need and (principal) Mrs. Beverly (Young) is incredible as far as supporting the kids and making sure they have everything that they need to be successful. This was just another thing she was able to help us out with.”

Another added advantage is that on hot days they can hang out in there a little bit longer, and Gonzales said during junior varsity games, the team can be in there instead of spread out.

Principal Young said they are excited about the future and having an area where the players can have some privacy and call their own.

“They buy into it more in the fact that they themselves are putting it together with supervision,” Young said. “They’re taking ownership, which means they’ll take pride in it to take it up.”

Young said she is thrilled that they are able to get this addressed and taken care of.

“We’ve got a strong family unit here at Bowling Green,” Young said. “They see the need and are willing to step up. They are building this from scratch, even the area where they are pouring the foundation. The whole Bowling Green membership is thrilled about this.”

Bowling Green, which is a member of the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools, missed the playoffs last season, but Gonzales said the summer was extremely promising.

“We played basically the same summer schedule as we played last year,” Gonzales said.

“We didn’t win a ball game in the summer last year. We are a much better baseball team than we were at any point last season.”