Crain 4th, Magee 10th at state

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The first year of powerlifting at Pine is in the books, and both participants, seniors Ted Crain and Austin Magee, showed their talent at the Division IV state meet.

But both also felt they could have done better in West Monroe Thursday.

Crain, who began this year with experience of powerlifting in Texas, was competing in state for the first time.

Crain, who lifts in the 148-pound weight class, finished fourth in the 148-pound weight class. He posted a total of 985 pounds after squatting 385, benching 210 and deadlifting 390.

The top three places medaled. The third-place finisher lifted 1,090 pounds; the winner lifted 1,220.

Crain admitted there were some nerves going into that atmosphere.

“I’ve been to a state meet before, but competing is totally different,” Crain said. “I was nervous. My stomach was in knots.”

Magee, who competes in the 181s, finished 10th in his weight class with a 935-pound total. Magee squatted 315, benched 250 and deadlifted 370.

In order to medal, Magee would’ve needed a total of 1,130 pounds. First place was 1,385 pounds.

“I felt I could’ve done more in all three of them, and sometimes you don’t realize how much you can do,” Magee said. “I probably wouldn’t have placed anyway, but I could’ve gone up on my lifts. Going to state was a great experience. I think it’s a good accomplishment just getting there.”

Magee said he didn’t know what to expect when he decided to participate in powerlifting, and he feels his first year in the sport was a success.