BHS booster club forms, raising funds

Published 10:17 am Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bogalusa High’s newly formed booster club had a good turnout at its first meeting last Monday night.

The booster club supports all of the boys and girls’ sports at BHS, including football, baseball, softball, cheerleading, basketball and track.

Booster club president Larry Watterson Sr. said the athletes at Bogalusa High need a little boost.

“When I say boost, I mean like going to football games or coming from football games, they need to be fed, they need equipment, they don’t have money for this. They say they’re not hungry, but we want to feed them. We’re just trying to give them something, some kind of leeway,” Watterson said.

Twenty-three people showed up at the first meeting.

“We had a very good turnout,” Watterson said. “They were enthused, and they were excited. While we’ve got the fire burning, we’re just trying to keep it going.”

Martin said Watterson is fired up.

“We’ve had a number of parents representing all sports from cheerleading to softball, baseball, basketball, football and track,” Martin said. “We’re excited about the parents getting behind these kids and supporting the athletic programs. We’re expecting big things this year.”

The booster club is also holding a promotion. They are selling signs for $10 that say “Proud To Be A Bogalusa Lumberjack.”

“They are part of the booster club promotion and part of our promotion, as far as letting the city know that we’re very proud to be a Lumberjack,” Martin said.

The booster club’s next meeting is Monday at 7 p.m. in the school library.

Bogalusa is also selling advertising on 4-by 8-foot signs, which will be placed on the school’s fence facing Avenue B for all businesses. They will go from Willis Avenue to M.J. Israel Drive. The Legends All-Pro Football Foundation Camp was the first one to purchase one of the signs.

For or more information, call Martin at 750-2343.